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Tuesday, March 18, 2003
During Bush’s speech last night, he said (paraphrasing) ‘Americans have borne the burden of conflict before’ and I immediately thought he would follow up with a couple key examples, the first one being Normandy. I was disappointed when he didn’t, but hopefully, when the group of countries jump on the rebuilding bandwagon after the conflict is over, as they undoubtedly will, I hope that France doesn’t get a large role. Yes, we need to keep them as an ally. But they are not a key ally - - on the world stage, what, specifically, do we need them for?

I hope that as much as Europe, collectively, opposes military action in Iraq, they are wondering why France is trying to position itself as Europe’s leader in the UN. I don’t know the influence that France has in the EU, but they seem to like their role in the UN spotlight.

Jason made a good point that boycotts hurt the average workers long before governments, and I agree with it. I, personally, couldn’t do much in a boycott, since the only things I can think of that I have purchased from France in the last year is wine and cheese (no kidding and stop laughing). But if the average French worker gets hurt due to his government policies, I hope that he blames his government, and not the U.S. Cause this American will NOT purchase anything from France for a long, long time, and I’m sure there’s many others like me.

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