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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Answers for Tom
1. Yes, I like the blocked-out Publius. Mack and I spoke about doing something like that to represent Mr. Who. Glad you beat us to it.

2. RNC Convention - you raise a good point that we need to act on this NOW (meaning this moment in time, not....oh well, you know). I agree - - let's plan it out and do it right.

3. I want to keep this site as a debate/conversation area, and have our CSW as a site with a lot of photos (of conservative politicians having a great time, as well as young, hip, professionals), political cartoons, etc. Obviously, this site would take constant maintenance (which I don't think we can upkeep), so it may just remain an idea. I really like both names, but if we go with one site, CGW has more brand appeal. Mack has some CGW promotion ideas, and I'll let him detail that.

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