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Monday, August 25, 2003
Convention Update
I haven't had my laptop for a few days because it has been hit with viruses and had to be reimaged. But I've checked with several national chains regarding rooms in NYC. So far, Hilton, Marriott, HoJo, Holiday Inn, and all the Choice Hotels (Comfort Inn, Clarion, Sleep Inn, etc) won't take a reservation until the timeframe is within a year (meaning next week). Sheraton/Westin/Starwood only have properties available that are pretty far away (starting 25 miles away and going up).

I hit travelocity, expedia,, etc, and they also won't book over a year in advance.

For kicks, I checked the Helmsley, and quit there. I was going to also check the Waldorf and the Plaza hotels just for giggles, but thought F it.

There are a couple of legendary independent NYC hotels (ex: Chelsea Hotel), but I bet they're super scummy. Plus, who wants to stay at a hotel sharing the name of a Clinton?

I'll push ahead this week, and if I find something, I'll hold a couple of rooms for Sept 1st and Sept 2nd, and get back with you guys. But I believe I won't be able to nail this down until next week.

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