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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
First of all, it is ANTI-Metro Mack

First of all, I commend Military Mark for his commitment to our site.

Ii disagree, however, with the idea that the "under class can never beat the house". I think that is a fairly static view of society. I think there are some people in the underclass who do beat the house. They survive drug infested neighborhoods. They learn despite bad schools. They go to college and they join the middle class. Am I saying that we will eliminate the existence of a lower class? No. What I am saying is that the decent people who happen to be poor and live in the city would be better served by a local government (and a school district) that isn't a de facto monopoly.

As Dick Armey likes to say, "Markets Work". Will they fix everything? No. But they will be a drastic improvement over what we got.

I do not agree that it is money that is the defining variable with regard to schools. Take a look at Catholic schools. Less money.

More later.

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