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Sunday, August 10, 2003
Gay Marriage

Have any of you been following the gay marriage debates between Andrew Sullivan and Stanley Kurtz (and others)? This is such a potentially explosive issue. And the Texas sodomy decision by SCOTUS just makes a clash of cultures all the more likely.

I think that my position on this is: 1) Legally sanctioned gay marriage is a cultural disaster; 2) the Catholic Church's position of love the sinner, hate the sin is right and fair; 3) I don't particularly care if you're gay, and I'll tolerate it if you don't rub it in my face and/or expect me to embrace it; 4) my patience is wearing very thin with every other show on network tv featuring a gay theme (see #3); and 5) I'll stay out of your bedroom if you keep your agenda out of my school, church, Scout troop, etc.

Jonah Goldberg's probably right about civil union's, but he doesn't bring his point full circle to the main problem: government over-regulation of everthing. Civil unions are important why? Tax benefits, estate planning, medical decisions, etc. Well, if we weren't overtaxed and we didn't tell people to whom they could leave their property when they died and the government wasn't involved in almost every facet of the health care industry why would we need civil unions? (Especially given the points that Kurtz and others have raised that gay men are much more likely to have multiple partners even in "comitted" relationships.)

If someone loves someone else and wants to them to be able to pull the proverbial plug or to receive an inheritance, great. They should be able to do that. And if we did the conservative thing and severed health care from employment, that issue wouldn't matter anymore either.

If this topic interests any of you guys I wouldn't mind debating it and developing some of these thoughts a little more.

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