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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
I vote for Options 1 & 3 for football. I’m not there mentally yet, but Labor Day is right around the corner.

The convention will be great – I think that this falls on the week before Labor Day. For those of us (me & Mack) with kids and wives that work in the university field, start planning the baby sitters now. Our wives will not be available to watch the kids so close to Opening for school.

My 2 cents in the gay marriage debate is that we are seeing the slippery slope in motion already. Following the Lawrence decision, gay-rights advocates began immediately pursuing legalized gay marriage. That next step is already under way. It’s a fair question to ask what’s next.

Many weeks ago, someone who will remain unnamed threw this grenade, hiked up his skirt and ran for cover. Any comment from our bomb-thrower?

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