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Friday, August 22, 2003
Jason, I am surprised at you going wobbly. That is the pie in the sky stuff we used to hear from Clinton. In my view, George Bush understands that the road map will end up nowhere. He has to pursue it right now, if only to demonstrate that he tried. Peace will only follow victory. The "rational" Muslim leaders will emerge the same way the "rational" German leaders and "rational" Japanese leaders emerged... after a conclusive and painful victory. They say that honor is important in the middle east. It was quite important in Japan too.

After victory, the rational leaders will have a tough time -- as in Iraq - - but with us providing a strong backbone - - in the form of soldiers, tanks, missles and guns - - things will slowly get better. As things get better, the forces of darkness lose their credibility and as real people start to have a stake in the new society, they will gradually alienate the haters and kooks. It is a slow process. It will take a generation. But in the age of the nuclear weapon in a suitcase, it is a commitment we can't afford not to make.

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