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Monday, August 25, 2003
Last Week
Looks like I missed a couple of good volleys last week. This is joining the party late, but last week I would have said:

1. Gays - I understand Mack's points, but I don't support gay marriage. Even culturally for God knows how long before the need for licenses and official records, marriage was (in almost all cases - ex: Mormons, etc) between one man and one woman. When I lived in Boston, I had two gay neighbors next door, who were the best neighbors I've had. Someday they may be able to legally marry, "have kids", etc, but there's no way that I can equate their alternative marriage with a conventional one. And I use 'alternative' and 'conventional' deliberately. They would still be great neighbors, my kids can play with theirs anytime, but my kids would never be attending any sleepover parties at their place.

2. Israel - Military Mark is framing it well. The Middle East is, and always will be, a pressure cooker. I applaud how Israel is successfully performing surgical strikes against Palestine, but I think they should step it up a bit. Palestine kills a busload of people so Israel takes out out one official and a couple of aids in a car?? Israel should target several of them at the same time.

While people will always say building the fence is a step backward, build it!! It will make Israel safer. As long as Israel can export & import (and we will certainly continue to help there), economically they should do fine, which will add to their security. Isolate themselves from Palestine and unleash military might whenever necessary. Continue surgical strikes, but send the message that Israel will respond with overwhelming force (the old Powell doctrine).

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