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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
MilitaryMark is mad...

"The State of Israel must confine themselves in a way that no other nation has ever done; they must turn there state into a compound. I envision no gates, as there would be no reason to leave or enter, I also see a State with freedom to move around safely. The wall project must continue and enlarge, take area by force and surround it by an object that it impossible to climb or break through. Any person, regardless of race or religion, climbing into the State would be shot and killed. There is no room for talks. This violence will continue, as history has shown, with or without talks. The State of Israel has no other choice at this point but to wall it self off, and then use aviation and exterior perimeter hit squads to patrol the new border. Some will say that this is a step in the wrong direction, and will further separate the United States of America from its intents to work peacefully inside the middle east; which translates into "we want to be there buddies so we can get cheap petro". I personally am tired of dealing with back stabbing middle eastern nations so that we can fill up our cars at a reasonable price. I am so sick and tired of it that I will say screw over seas petro, lets start drilling like porn stars, and if we have to give up our H2's for mini's then so f**king be it. This is war, and if we won't fight it on the home front as well as the foreign front then we will not win.

It is very easy to sit in your office and contemplate the matters of the world, buts its a whole different thing to take action. I think our party needs to grab this alternative energy thing, capture it, make it ours, and eventually devastate the constant financial boom in the middle east."

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