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Wednesday, August 27, 2003
MilitaryMark on “Mack’s Metro”…

“I show Mack respect for spending so much time on a magazine breadth of writing; but I saw nothing new.

I grew up in Rhode Island, lived in Maine for two years (Fort Kent), and before coming to a Fort in the mid-south (which understands how to run a local government), I lived in Maryland for three years. So I have resided in all of your example states and have seen exactly what you wrote, except it was worded in different terms and the outcome was awful. It was slowly becoming (with the exception of Maine) a case of “where do we stack the poor people?’ You seem to be describing a well-worded example of gerrymandering and gentrification. Well at least gentrification will be (and is) the result, and the under class can never beat the house: and quite frankly I don't understand why you’re bothering yourself about it.

There will always be an under-motivated population that makes choices that will result in a life sentence to the ghettos of the USA, we can only hope that their children will somehow find the motivation to bring them up to at least the next class level. Yes! We have a class structure, learn to accept it because it is not going away; the higher earners have better schools because they pay higher taxes, the poor do not pay taxes so there schools suck, just as our ancestors schools did, if they went to school at all (I make assumptions as to your lineage, if I am wrong all the better).

The consideration that we need to cut and paste to get votes is an insult to the party, we win hearts and minds, and to try to line up local government so that we all are holding hands takes all the fun out of the fight; no fight, no fun, no fun, no six conservative guys.”

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