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Sunday, August 24, 2003
An M&M Tag team...

MilitaryMark writes:

"Mack's right. Sorry Jason, you’re a weeble wobble on this subject. I would be too if I some day planned to run for office. Nothing wrong with that, you will fit right in."

Listen kids. How many more times need I say this? We are most certainly NOT aggressive enough at this moment in time. Nor is Israel. It's completely unacceptable for the US not to act in any instance where our security or interests, or that of our allies and strategic partners, is challenged in the manner that is so often today. It is further unacceptable for us to try and prevent or discourage Israel from acting in the same manner and I have said so (right here) often. Is that not unequivocal enough?

There is no harm (and no wobble) in also pointing out that regardless of how often or how hard we act and/or respond in these situations that the task is made more difficult because of the heavy religious (as opposed to strictly national) component with regard to the (rightful) targets of our aggression. These statements were not intended to give or suggest pause in our actions, but rather a call (if a pointless one) to said "rational Muslim and reasonable secular Arab leaders" to act in their own best interests.


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