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Friday, August 29, 2003
A note from our other reader...

Uncle Margret writes:

"Sip writes: Bush pledged in his campaign to hold teachers and schools accountable. Anything come of that?
Ask all the teachers fired this week in NYC who failed their competency tests again and once to often."

I'm sure Sip will respond on his own, but I will ask of Uncle Margret, do you want those teachers, the ones that failed "again and once too often," to be teaching your kids? Their are/were over 9,500 uncertified teachers who took the exam this past year, and over 2,500 flunked - more than 25% of the instructors currently operating with a temporary teaching license. This would seem to me to be unfair to the city's school kids. Candidates who flunk the bar can't practice law, and we wouldn't want med students who flunk their boards practicing medicine - would we?

I definitely thank you for writing in Uncle Margret, but it sounds like you're putting this forward as a problem, and to me it looks more like a solution.

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