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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
The Passion

Have any of you seen the trailer for Mel Gibson's Passion?

I have watched it a few times and have seen one trailer that is more recent than this one that includes additional scenes. It is powerful. And for a Christian, even these :30 can be humbling.

I have been following the criticism of this movie by the ADL and, frankly, am getting a little irritated. It seems to me that their criticisms are premature and a little over the top. (And I am especially suspect because they are joined by a bunch of liberal Catholic 'scholars'.)

Are there anti-semites out there who will use the movie to fuel their bigotry?. Maybe. But, and I admit that I might be naive on this, I have to believe that these people will be bigots no matter what.

Christ was killed over 2000 years ago. Were Jews involved? I think so. Were Romans involved? I think so. Were all Jews and Romans guilty? Obviously not.

I no more hold a grude against the Jews for what a mob did 2000 years ago than I hold a grudge against the Germans or Japanese for the brutal things some of their ancestors did 60 years ago.

Along a similar vein, I don't think I owe reparations to my black friends for slavery any more than I hold my Jewish friends accountable for what some Jews probably did to Christ, especially given the fact that he was Jewish. (And, for the record, you'll find no bigger supporter of Israel on the planet than this conservative, pasty, Irish, Catholic boy.)

Again, I may be naive, but, I think the ADL is way off base here, and is doing their noble cause a disservice.

I'll be the first one in line to see this movie when it opens in April 2004. And I'm confident it will make me a better Christian, rather than a foaming at the mouth anti-semite.

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