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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Re: Are you ready for some....

Alright, let's take a minute to discuss the weekly SCG football pix. Here's some options:

1. KNOCK OUT: Every week you have to pick just one game (no point spread). As soon as you lose one game, your're out. Last man standing.

2. CONFIDENCE: Every week you have to pick every game (no point spreads). You then rank each game from the one you're most confident in (which you would assign 16 points to) to the one you're least confident in (which you would assign 1 point to). Points totaled over the season.

3. WIN/LOSS: Every week you have to pick every game (either with or without spreads). Win/loss record tracked over the season.

So, what's it gonna' be?

Oh, and my suggested stakes? Winner doesn't buy a drink, not a single drink, during the SCG road trip to the Republican National Convention in NYC. Game?

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