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Monday, August 11, 2003
Re: Gay Marriage

Hopefully Tom, you won't be too surprised or upset to find out that we did manage to discuss a few things around here during your "sabatical." This issue was actually discussed, though certainly not resolved, here on the blog from June 21st through June 24th. As to your current points however:

1) Legally sanctioned gay marriage is a cultural disaster

Why? As I said in reponse to earlier posts by Sip and Mister S, I am open to this line of argument, but no one has yet made the argument stand up beyond even the most basic level of scutiny. "Cultural disaster" is a pretty serious statement, you need to provide a little bit more to back up that assertion. The Beatles were once described as a cultural disaster.

2) the Catholic Church's position of love the sinner, hate the sin is right and fair

Again, why? This country really isn't solely a "Christian" nation anymore (and it sure isn't a Catholic one). You can argue as to whether or not that is a significant positive or negative, but it is certainly a fact. Why should a non-Christian, or anyone who doesn't view homosexuality as a sin for that matter, accept the Catholic Church's position as fair or reasonable?

3) I don't particularly care if you're gay, and I'll tolerate it if you don't rub it in my face and/or expect me to embrace it

Except you obviously do care. How is it that you view homosexuallity? A sin? A perversion? A socially deviant behavior? If the answer is yes to any or all of these, than what other sinful, perverted, or socially deviant behavior are you willing to "tolerate" but not "embrace" (shades of don't ask, don't tell)?

4) my patience is wearing very thin with every other show on network tv featuring a gay theme (see #3)

Mine too. Fortunately, I am an adult, and I have the keen ability to change the channel. What is really aggrivating is the refusal by hollywood and the networks to accept that a significant portion, if not the majority, of the American people do in fact have a problem with this, and may not want their children exposed to it anymore than they want them exposed to the Miller Lite cat fight babes or the Coors Lite Twins.

5) I'll stay out of your bedroom if you keep your agenda out of my school, church, Scout troop, etc.

Absolutey. The Gay high school is just plain stupid, and I certainly wouldn't want my tax dollars funding it. Nor would I want my tax dollars wasted on the prosecution of a couple of consenting adults violating some archaic sodomy law in the privacy of their own home.

You're best point, and Jonah Goldberg's, is as to why Civil unions are important in the first place. Like everything else, fix the actual problems. As to the Kurtz issue that "gay men are much more likely to have multiple partners even in 'comitted' relationships," I say again, what about lesbians? I guess you have no objection to their union/marriage then right?

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