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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
RE: Gay Marriage

I know Jason doesn’t like the slippery slope arguments, and they can easily be taken to the extremes, but I do believe it’s necessary to perform the ‘where will they try to go next’ exercise. We don’t so much have to think, “Will there next be a push to have a group of people (straight or gay) be recognized in one union as married?” as we need to think “Will homosexuals next try to lower the marriage age?” I do believe there are people with an agenda who will try to push things.

Gay marriage will definitely lead to additional issues centered around conventional marriage (and I put the word ‘Gay’ in front of each, because I do not believe what will be involved will be the exact same as between one man and one woman): gay divorce, gay custody issues (Gasp! Can’t be good for any children), gay alimony, gay surrogate issues, etc.

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