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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Re: Gay Marriage

I wish Kurtz, and all those opposed to Gay Marriages, would drop the slippery slope arguments altogether. They are the weakest part of the oppposition, and the easiest to dismiss or refute. There are just too many what-ifs invloved; this might lead to..., this could easily lead to..., then polygamists might do this... Whatever, that case will never resonate with someone who is skeptical of slippery-slope arguments to begin with, and also has a strong disdain for the government telling them how they ought to live their lives or conduct their relationships. The slippery slope argument does a disservice (IMO) to the other strong and valid reasons that one might oppose Gay Marriage. Kurtz's last two sections in this article are quite compelling. His discussion of the "triple parenting" phenomenon associated with Lesbian marriages, and even more importantly, the same-sex "marriage of convienience" are the most thought provoking arguments that I can see to someone who is still on the fence about this issue (and that probably describes me).

The straight-line from Gay Marriage to polygamy is damn near impossible to draw. If you want to win this argument, stick to the positions that are easier to defend.

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