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Friday, August 08, 2003
Re: Supporting Squishes

I know you're one of those who support squishes, and like I said, sometimes it's the pragmatic thing to do. But not always. And I think that Republicans too often settle from a RINO because they are afraid of having their friends, peers and colleagues whisper at cocktail parties that they support a conservative who is, take your pick: too mean, too religious, anti-gay, anti-abortion, etc., etc.

We hammer away at libs like Durbin and Schumer because they won't allow a vote on a judge who is a faithful Christian because they are conservative. But I don't see "moderates" like Snowe, Collins, Chafee, et al. standing up against them. I see the conservatives. And I bet without heavy arm-twisting and promises of pork that these RINOs wouldn't even vote for these nominees.

And who made the WH trim the tax cut? And who is pushing for Medicare expansion without reform? And who sides with Ted Kennedy on Education issues? And who actively supports and funds giant land grabs? Moderates, that's who.

Would I rather have Specter than Rendell, or Molinari than Rangel? Of course. But at some point conservatives have a choice. And the choice, I think, should be to work to elect conservatives and to challenge moderates in primaries if necessary, a la the Club for Growth.

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