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Friday, August 08, 2003
Re: Who’s Tom?
Who is this guy Tom and how did he hack our site? Seriously, welcome back, let me know your update offline about where you plan to live.

I am one of those who support squishes…I mean moderates. Republican-lite is better than a Democrat, if for no other reason than to maintain majorities and elect the Speaker of a given legislature.

As for Arnold – I support him right off the bat without a having to know all of his positions. I just want a Republican in the Gov’s mansion in CA. And the comparison to Jesse Ventura is off – Arnold is much more polished and pragmatic than the wrestler. I watched Arnold on Leno and the guy can turn on the political-passion when talking about the state of CA’s economy.

If nothing else, I want him to win to spite our friend Katie Couric who couldn’t help herself and brought up the fact that Arnold’s father was a member of the Nazi party during WWII. His dad was a member, but Arnold had asked the Samuel Weisenthal Center to investigate his dad’s past. Of course, nothing interesting was discovered about Arnold’s dad. Couric is a pathetic b**** who can’t stand anything Republican.

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