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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
This is a Test...

John Podhoeretz in todays New York Post.

An excerpt:

Indeed, Clinton's old State Department spokesman, Jamie Rubin, went on CNN yesterday and offered the utterly preposterous and deeply offensive suggestion that if al Qaeda is at work in Iraq, it's essentially America's fault, because when Saddam was in power he wouldn't play along with Osama bin Laden.

Yes sir, that Saddam Hussein, he sure was a force for stability in that country, wasn't he? Rubin tried to make the point that Saddam would never have stood for an attack on the United Nations. So why did he have his military fire their guns right over the heads of U.N. inspectors in a parking lot in Baghdad in 1991?

Methinks Rubin is trying to find a way to blame George Bush for the events of yesterday. Which makes him guilty of Democratic boot-lickery at best and profound intellectual corruption at worst.

Look: The bomber yesterday may have been a Ba'athist. Or an al Qaeda terrorist. Or a member of Islamic Jihad or Hezbollah on a little pleasure trip. There is precious little in the way of distinction to be drawn between these forces anymore. They all hate us, and they hate Israel (as yesterday's bombing there proved yet again), and they are going to do what they can to destroy whatever they can.

And they want to know what the West is going to do about it.

I know what we're going to do about it - and by "we" I mean the United States. George W. Bush isn't going to follow the negative examples of the past and allow truck bombs to dictate American action - unless that action is a counterstrike. He is pursuing a long-term foreign policy in Iraq that is intended for the benefit of the Iraqi people and the security of the world. Murderers and monsters aren't going to derail it.

But what of Kofi Annan and the United Nations? This is truly a testing time for them, as well. The crime was committed against the world body. Will it respond with the anger and determination that mark a serious player in the war on terror? Or will it crawl off?

Place your bets.

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