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Friday, August 08, 2003
We Tease Him a Lot, Cause we Got Him on the Spot...Welcome Back
Great to see Tom is on board again. Forget the W hat, pretty soon we are all going to be sporting conservatives gone wild/six conservative guys merchandise. More on that later.

I think it will be astounding if anyone but Arnold wins. The real question is what he does after that. The big problem with celebrities is that they almost always try to please the wrong people. They try to please other left-leaning celebrities and earn points within their own social circle (Robbins/Sarandon/Baldwin) or they revert to mere platitudes in the attempt to please everybody. So far, Arnold falls into the second camp. He needs to start making some real distinctions. Not just railing against "special interests" but against the terrible programs that have been put into place by specific groups (the teachers unions for starters) that control the legislature.

Reagan had already staked out some real positions for some time when he first ran for office. If Arnold fails to do that, he will fail to address the real problems facing California and leave the state in even worse shape. The first test is to find out what his message is on tax cuts versus spending cuts. The state of California is one of the worst offenders on taxes... but as a recent study pointed out, spending is the problem. They would have had more than enough money if they had only limited spending increases to the rate of inflation. They didn't and now they are broke (like so many other states).

States like California are waking up after a serious night of binge spending and finding out they have a terrible hangover. The answer to the problem is not "a hair of the dog that bit ya" but some serious spending cuts.

Too bad this didn't happen 15 years ago when Magnum was still running. Tom Selleck was a real conservative.

If Arnold turns out to be another celebrity like Ventura looking for a career capper, then this is going to be a disaster. If he is going to be a serious politician with a serious program that is willing to be a little less universally liked, well this experiment may be a successful one and may pay off dividends for Bush in a year and 3 months.

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