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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
And on the 7th Day.....

....God said, "Let there be light." (It originally was on the first day, but he's showing me who's boss.) Anyhow, as of 11:15 am EST, the Sip's have power. And this is good, especially since my daughter has to make up for a solid week's worth of Wiggles. I'll be humming those tunes for a while, now. So onward to my responses to recent posts (with names called out)...

1. Hurricane - schmurricane. From this point forward, there is never an excuse for missing football pics. If you can't get ahold of Jason - call someone else, or leave it on one of our answering machines. With the dropping of the worst week, we're all back in it. C'mon, I know you're all dreaming of a weekend's worth of swirlees!

2. Jason - this info on the Iraqi polls needs to be front and center before the American people. The terrible reports coming out of Iraq on a daily basis needs to be tempered by good news, and a constant reiteration that we are there for ethical, moral, and just means. Bush should deliver this news and be a little more visible, since the constant 'quagmire' message may eventually have people believing it. The good news in Iraq should be on the front page below the fold, because above the fold should be...

3. ...the Guantanamo Bay people (Mack). American people can disagree about a lot of topics, but where someone stands on treason is pivotal to defining your values. The question should not be if they hang (if found guilty) but whether it should be done publicly.

4. Military Mark - I'm going to have to mull over your post a little more. For disclosure, I used to work for the criminal division of the Justice Department. It's the prosecutor's job to push for the max, the defense's job to push for the min, a jury's job to determine guilt, and a judge's job to keep it fair and impose a sentence within the guidelines. Prosecutors should definitely have some leeway, but crimes are treated inconsistently among federal districts (ex: narcotics crimes are treated differently in the Southern District of Florida than they are in the Western District of New York).

If you commit a crime, you're guilty. It is as simple as that. We can debate about how a person's circumstances while committing the crime should weigh in favor of leniency, but pushing for the max every time will ensure Equal Protection Under the Law for the public and the defendant.

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