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Monday, September 15, 2003
Dear Sip,

MilitaryMark writes:

”I respect your ability to look around at what’s going on around you; many seem to have lost that ability. All your points were valid, but few should really concern you. If another attack comes upon our great nation we will be at least 50% more prepared then we were for the last one. This situation is not going away any time soon, and slow progress in homeland defense is better then none.

I feel that Bush will benefit from another attack more then he would if we have none, and that irony sickens me. Our local law enforcement and fire persons have been upgrading their equipment and training regularly for the most un-common of events. I have great trust that their response will be prompt and effective. If there are no attacks (the right situation) then Our George should be hailed, but that is up to the people to do, all they need is to be heard. We can trust that the fair and unbalanced Fox Network will let the polls be seen, but the rest, well, we know where they stand; to hell with standards, we hate Bush, Bill threw us such great parties!

The war situation has become a fiscal one, and many people point out that The President might stand to learn something from a "getting along better with other national leaders course." I have checked the fall calendar at my local community college and see no such courses. I think it might be that the leaders of these other nations might need to take a course in "kissing the ass of a much needed super power and world activist.” There is a lot of room in the United Nations building, I am sure they could build a lecture hall. To make everyone happy, the instructor could be a paraplegic, HIV positive, minority female, gay of course, who has adopted crack babies from D.C. and is starting a wildlife sanctuary outside of Baltimore (on land that was once planned to be a great golf course). They would need wine and Fois Gras of course, I mean to give the French something to eat and drink.

How many times has Dick Gephardt run for the nomination? I feel like every four years or so I see this guy out there trying to fulfill his self-ordered destiny, when will he give up? He seems to be making ground this time though, his plan is simple, try to lie better then Dean, and try to make people believe that his smile is sincere. Dean and he are holding hands on a bridge that will fall without any help from the Republican Party; its poor construction will bring it down by itself.”

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