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Friday, September 26, 2003
The Fifth Column?
One problem, of course, is that you need guys who can speak the language. Most of those guys, are Islamic, right? The result, we turn to guys who spent considerable time (by choice) in places like Syria. Very bad.

One thing we need to do is to move swiftly to bring these guys to justice. Seriously. The President should use whatever powers he has to ensure that these guys are swinging from the gallows by early next year. Failure to do that sends a message that there is no serious price to pay for treason. Do I think that will happen -- unfortunately, no.

The scary thing to think is - - what were they going to do with this information? Are they planning an attack on G-Mo to get their comrades out? What reaction will guys in the military have to this? Will they be less trustful of their Islamic colleagues? I imagine they will. And I can't blame them.

At the end of the day, the underlying problem facing the Muslim community is not American bigotry - - but the continued failure on the part of their community to speak out and act out against our enemies. For months, the Muslim community in Western New York stood together to decry the arrest of the Lackawanna Six... it was all false, they said. These guys love America! They love the Bills. They even Love Pizza! (That was my personal favorite bit of propaganda). That was the message we heard. Now, all six have pled guilty to going to Afghanistan to train with Osama to be a terrorist.

This reflects very poorly on the Muslim community in Buffalo. You have to figure that if these six guys had serious enough grievences with the US that they would try to fly Air Osama, that somebody - - hell, dozens of somebodies - - in the Muslim community were aware of their hatred of our country and their sympathy for terrorism.

Though many in the Muslim community surely knew about their hateful views, they said nothing. Instead, the leaders, who surely knew or suspected that the accusations were true, held protests calling the arrests racist and calling it a witch-hunt. Maybe that is the new patriotism that Clark is talking about - - the courage to turn your back on your country in favor of terrorists who seek to kill Americans and destroy the country you love.

How did Italian and German Americans prove their loyalty? By storming the beaches and killing our mutual enemies, despite the fact they shared the same blood lines. The question is, how will Islamic Americans prove their loyalty?

So far, the images that come to mind are: countless protests calling our President and his administration racist, shooting random Americans in Maryland and Virginia, rolling grenades into tents and now, passing along secrets to America's enemies.

I don't think it is good to mistrust someone just because of their religious beliefs. But the Muslim community has failed to articulate their opposition to terror. By their words and their deeds (and their lack of words and deeds in some instances) the community as a whole has been a hindrence rather than a help to the war on terror.

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