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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Big win for Kevin. Too bad Neville wasn't around... he could have really shook up politics in Erie County. Hardwick's opponent is Chuck Swanick (sp?), a LIBERAL democrat who switched parties to secure a chairmanship (and some extra bucks). Over the last ten years, the district has shifted more republican, but he has been an institution. I think that Giambra and Davis had to live up to their deal to support him (if they didn't, who would ever make a deal with them?) but they probably aren't losing any sleep about Hardwick winning. He is much more conservative than Swanick has ever been.

Hardwick's victory is even more amazing because of the amount of money that Swanick spent (30k+ from what I have read) compared to what Hardwick spent (6k, if that).

The fundraiser was attended by a whole bunch of his former students. I don't think it raised a lot of money, but I think he did appreciate it. He couldn't stop talking about Tom's donation and what that meant to him. I think he was crying at one point saying, "This one is for you, Tom!"

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