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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
M responds:

My considerable weight has nothing to do with politics - it comes from a happy, comfortable, American lifestyle, where I have benefitted from a safe and plentiful food supply (a subject for another post). MMark is right - aging infrastructure in this area is a problem. The impact of Isabel - with ONLY 56 mph winds - in the mid-Atlantic region has been amazing. There are lessons to be learned. For the most part, many people's eyes have been opened to the importance of energy to our communitites (health, safety, industry, independence etc.). I have heard some news radio folks resorting to complaining about the energy companies lack of response and failure to plan for the storm and calling for punitive actions or more publicly owned energy cooperatives - without considering that 99.9% of the time American homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, farms, etc. are being provided energy SAFELY and RELIABLY. Most people have little to know knowledge of what it takes to create and supply electricity, natural gas, gasoline, fuel oil, etc. They just want to turn on the TV, start the SUV, heat up the oven, etc. and don't want to be inconvenienced.

On football: Sip committment is commendable. My decision to not go into the office was not my own. With the group's decision to allow everyone to drop their worse week, and considering the way everyone else is picking, I am certain that my present standing will have little to no bearing on the final outcome.

On another issue, I am looking forward to providing more posts on important domestic issues (seriously lacking on this site). Of course some of my favorites - the energy debate, bold moves by the Bush Administration on the environment in recent weeks (and over the last few years), and others.

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