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Monday, September 29, 2003
MilitaryMark is looking for stock tips…

MilitaryMark writes:

“I know football is fun, I also know that I don't have the time or care to guess what team comprised of socially promoted, over paid, steroid filled, safely clad "gladiators" will bring the 9 oz ball into the end zone. You Six Conservative Guys like it, and that’s great, but how about we start throwing around some money tips... stocks, bonds, indi-comps, contractors, good mutual funds, word around the cooler start of stuff. It would start as fun, but in the days of nervous investors, I think that Six Confident Conservative Guys could stand as a role model, and more then likely end up on CNBC. Yes, I know CNBC is dying quicker then the game cube, but its international, I mean, SCG would mushroom, and then get picked and eaten. Then you can start a new site. It would be sort of like when the guys on M*A*S*H had to move, it seemed like a move while you watched it, but the scenery never changed. I threw that in simply because of my screen name. When I think about it more, it’s probably a bad idea. It could be easily corrupted, could just as easily create tension, and might very well spell the ending to one of the most important web sites on the internet.

With all that said, I like American Home Mortgage, it’s flexible, affordable, and the real estate markets trying to push again, people are getting used to higher rates.”

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