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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
MilitaryMark on General Clark...

"I want it to be clear that Gen. Clark is a good man, but apparently he is not happy with retirement; and that I can understand. There is talk that Bill Clinton's wife will co-chair the campaign, I just wish he (Clark) would remember that who you keep company with says much about you. Keeping it short, I have never met a high-ranking officer who I would guess is a Democrat, and I doubt Clark truly is but in name. If Bush and Cheney suddenly die and he has the chance to win, well the libs will all still have lost another battle. Damn you Clark for putting me in this situation."

Not just Hillary, Mark. He does appear to be supported by virtually the entire Clinton political machine. Among those rushing in to join his campaign are Clinton operatives and mouthpieces Mark Fabiani, Bruce Lindsey, Bill Oldaker, Vanessa Weaver, George Bruno, Skip Rutherford, Peter Knight, Ron Klain and perhaps even former Clinton deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes, among others.

And what exactly will be the Generals domestic agenda? I realize this is a National security election, but the domestic issues can't be completely ignored. Will we see the Clinton domestic scheme installed to balance the perceived foreign policy/wartime strength of General Clark? Are we witnessing the beginnings of a Clark-Clinton ticket? Or even a Clinton-Clark ticket?

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