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Saturday, September 13, 2003
MilitaryMark responds...

I'm glad you discussed it. It is not impossible to change my opinion and beliefs, in fact I do it quite often, as to not become stagnent. I will not sway from my beliefs that any citizen becomes a soldier once attacked. We grew up pledging our alligence to this great nation, and when she is attacked, sucker punched in such a fashion, it is every americans duty, young, old or unborn to represent our nation. Sometimes it is not as glamourous as carrying a handicapped woman down 56 flights of stairs, sometimes we jump to escape the pain of skin melting, and the smell of burning bodies. They were soldiers that day. The PA plane gang were not soldiers? I respect Jason's overly emotional argument, but he is as wrong as two boys playing under the covers. You don't have to wear a uniform and have rank to represent your country, and sometimes its just not your choice. If we must never forget these images then why are they down now? Do we only bring them out on holidays? I forgive your inappropriate behavior on such a important day, but to try to justify it is simply tabloid. Hey Johnny Cash died, maybe you should try to get a mourgue photo so we never forget him. Fess up and move on. I'm going to.

Mark, they were not soldiers. A soldier (I believe) has the knoweledge and understanding that they are potential targets, and they accept this risk. A civilian has no such knowledge and understanding, and has made no agreement to accept such risk. The point of terrorism is to make civilians feel like targets - indeed, that is why terrorists intentionally try to harm civilians.

I doubt anyone will forget Johnny Cash, and I suspect that humanity will continue trying to rid the world of the disease that killed him. I hope humanity continues trying to rid the world of the disease that killed 3000 people just over two years ago as well. We can agree to disagree on this one.

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