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Thursday, September 25, 2003
Moral Relativism...
Want to know why moral relativism is a problem? National Review goes in depth on the problems in our nation's colleges.

Now, I like a lot of the people I worked with in academia, but the academic world is extraordinarily non-diverse when it comes to politics. American Enterprise's study of party registration and a recent study evaluating patterns of political donations confirms what anyone with a brain knows is true - there are very few Republicans or conservatives on America's campuses.

Many professors delude themselves into thinking that the environment is "non-political" - - but it is non-political only in the sense that they have firm control over everything - - there is no debate or dissent from the right because the right just isn't there. Jonah talks about this same phenomenon in Vermont during the Clinton administration in NRO today.

Right now, we are depending on a handful of college Republicans to hold the line against an army of well paid and influential left wing PhDs. The fact is, in many cases, the power of the arguments made by 19 and 20 year old college republicans is too much for the left wing to deal with, and they resort to vandalism, theft of conservative newspapers, or using the college discipline process to stifle speech (as today's example where college republicans at one college were put into the judicial process at their college because a group of left wingers threatened violence because they didn't like the affirmative action bake sale).

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