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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
More Bad Things
Want proof that we don't know that we are at war? We let these guys GO. In this short time, there is no way that we could know for certain that they don't have terror ties and this was just a bad coincidence. We are still fighting this war like it is a law enforcement matter. The WSJ today shows how this didn't serve us well after the 1993 bombing of the WTC.

On another note, is it me, or are a disproportionate number of the "hikers" around our nuclear plants Islamic? And why do they always have camera equipment? Are there lots of good nature shots to be taken with the nuclear plants in the background?

This, coming on the heals of the news that yet another Islamic interpreter has been arrested should be a very clear signal that the war isn't over and our enemies are working ever harder to repeat the horror of September 11th.

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