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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
M’s Power…


“One thing I noticed when living in northern Maine was that there were few if any traditional power lines. I asked around and found out that they had a network of tunnel systems for the lines, that way the juice would keep flowing regardless of weather. It’s a good idea, and much more pleasing to the eye. Look around in Maryland, or D.C. and you'll notice a complicated yet ancient system of stoplights dangling from thin wires, and miles of road with leaning electrical and telephone setups. The transformers they use are placed in great lighting strike areas, and because of basic meteorological principals they almost always get hit. The grid is run by under funded old-school idiots. The whole country could use some new blood behind the switchboard.”

A few comments:

First, when you titled your message “M,s Power” I immediately thought of his massive political weight – he could have any of us killed (for National security reasons) at any time – but that’s not what you meant.

Second, it’s all about commitment (and a strong desire to not have to buy me drinks). Sip is still without power, but he managed to get his picks in.

Finally, as you can see from the scoring update below, we’re allowing all players to drop one week’s score at the end of the season. We’ve decided that no one should be overly penalized for the effects of a hurricane or other act of God. Call it compassionate conservatism.

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