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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
Quagmire, Quagmire, Quagmire!!!!

So how many mentions of those Zogby and Gallop polls have you seen or heard in the National media? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Who cares whether or not Iraqis think things are getting better, that they belive they are and will be better off now than before the liberation, or that despite any recent hardships they feel it has all been well worth it. That’s not really important is it?

Well I suspect you'll see the same riveting coverage of Congressman Jim Marshall’s recent fact-finding mission to Iraq. Congressman Marshall, a Democrat I might add, and six House Armed Service Committee colleagues had this to say about the progress of reconstruction and freedom-building:

"I'm afraid the news media are hurting our chances. They are dwelling upon the mistakes, the ambushes, the soldiers killed, the wounded," Rep. Marshall wrote in an Atlanta newspaper. "Fair enough. But it is not balancing this bad news with ‘the rest of the story,' the progress made daily, the good news."

Congressamn Skelton of Missouri (another Democrat), also on the fact finding mission, said, "The media stresses the wounds, the injuries and the deaths, as they should. But, for instance, in Northern Iraq, Gen. (David) Petraeus has 3,100 projects, from soccer fields to schools to refineries. It's all the good stuff that isn't being reported."

These aren't Bush administration lapdogs, these are Democrats who probably went looking for incriminating evidence but found that things, by a wide margin, aren't as bad as the media indicates.

This heavy handed media bias, coupled with the incessant attacks by Dean, Gephardt, Kennedy, is more than just irritating, I think it can be terribly dangerous, if not deadly, for our troops. I think Congressamn Marshall would agree. Writing for the Macon Telegraph, he said he believes the falsely negative reporting "emboldens our enemies, discourages our potential allies and lessens our resolve. ... I'm afraid it is killing our troops".

Me too.

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