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Friday, September 26, 2003
RE: Maybe There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch...
When Social Services has to advertise to get more people on social services, something is dramatically wrong. While this has probably been ongoing, this type of thing happened about 10 years ago in New York State. Of course, Cuomo was governor then.

This goes to demonstrate that the "War" on poverty is patently false. Too many people are dependent that the poor remain poor. They all "hope" that poor people will get education, jobs, take a business risk, etc, but will impede progress in public schools, welfare-to-work, just about anything that will help someone get either some training or a self-sustaining job.

Ludwig von Mises was a renowned economist whose premise regarding government programs was that they usually hurt, to a larger extent, the problems they were supposed to solve. In this case of advertising for social services, it's not even cloaked in trying to solve a problem. It's recruiting people to a problem. While I don't know if this advertising is paid for by state or federal funds, I can not believe that some GOP guy in charge won't pull the plug. Insane.

This is acutally a good example of why people think conservatives are cynical. (Maybe they just think I'm cynical.) Liberals, Democrats, even Middle-roaders go for symbolism over substance (one of my pet peeves). Let's all hand out some $$$$ to some "poor" people who aren't even looking for it, and we can all feel good about ourselves that we're "helping out." Let's pass more gun control laws. Let's pass more environmental laws before the Republicans "put arsenic back into the water."

The WIC program isn't free. Symbolism over substance isn't free. Freedom isn't free.

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