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Friday, September 26, 2003
Re: Moral Clarity vs. Moral Relativism

MilitaryMark writes:

"Everything you wrote was well thought out, intelligently presented, and 100% truth to you. In the same respect, Hamas is as fervently a believer in another technique, as you are in your values. They believe that blowing up a bus or night club is not a sin, and in fact a battle in a very long war. So in some respects, you two are alike. It is important that the base of our society, including the bulk of our soldiers, think as you do, it keeps things in the norm, and makes it very easy for us to pick our fights. The people who fight these battles from the inside out, our Special Forces, Rangers, Seals, Delta Operators, CIA operators, NSA operators, Military intelligence Operators, Civilian intelligence operators, and other important, invaluable people, usually find it easier to deal with their missions by separating themselves from the beliefs of the masses. It’s easier to kill people that way, and to protect our country by performing acts that you would consider immoral, or a sin. There is no room for sin when your only objective is victory. That is why there is no room for your pattern of thought in these missions. I think that there is room for people who believe other then you do, and I, and many others, stand as proof to that, but we understand what side of the fence we belong on. It is those that stand on your side that give the orders, the folks on the opposite side make it happen.

Oh, one more thing. This is a war like none other in our history, and although you lack the uniform and the discipline, you too Jason are a soldier. That is all."

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