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Friday, September 26, 2003
Re: Very Disturbing

MilitaryMark writes (and asks):

"So it seems we have a problem in GTMO, but the question is how did they get through the "screen", as DR put it. The focus should be shining directly on the security clearance process. It is a safe assumption that anyone involved in direct communication with the prisoners has a middle to high-level clearance. I have held a top secret, need to know clearance and understand the cost (about 15,000) and process (long) that one goes through to achieve this trust. I think the process has failed us, and we need to fix it. The chaplain was careless, and the CIA was on him from the get go, but his bust furthered the probe and resulted in more arrests or confinements. If we were still under Clinton the whole thing would have gone unnoticed. These guys should not have passed through the screen, and we need to patch the holes.

Then there is the other problem, how many more, who are not at Guantanamo, have passed through. I propose that we begin to profile anyone of the Islamic faith who is applying for a clearance, and dig deeper into the faith of all applicants.

What do you propose?"

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