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Friday, September 12, 2003
September 11
Whoever posted the September 11 e-mail chain, thanks. I received all of Sip's e-mails but am having computer problems at work and was unable to print out or copy and paste them without my system crashing. What amazes me is how prescient (sp?) our discussions were about what would follow:

1. Bush did follow through on the war on terror. It isn't over yet. He knows it. He is willing to take political risks to do what is right to keep this country safe, long term. Iraq was a huge political risk. He is still taking his lumps for it. But he is in it for the long haul and he knows who our enemies are. Along the way, he even became a pretty darn good orator, when he needed to be, at least.

2. The Left has gone soft. Tim's worries about bombing brown people were early indications that the left couldn't move beyond the blame America phase of this. We see it today with the article in the New York Times about how America has "squandered" the support of other nations since September 11th. This is exactly what is wrong with the left - - America can only be respected when we play the role of victim. Now that we are back on our feet and taking the fight to the terrorists in their backyard, we are the bully in their eyes. They would prefer an America that is pitied and powerless to one that is powerful but resented by the kleptocrats in the UN and socialists who run Europe.

Those e-mails really bring me back. That was a horrible day. But it was a wake up call and, thankfully, our nation has not sat around waiting for the next shoe to drop. When you sit back and think about what we have accomplished (as VDH points out), it is awe-inspiring.

The only one who can defeat us is ourselves. Let's not let that happen.

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