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Thursday, September 11, 2003
Six Conservative Guys' First Blog - September 11, 2001

September 11
Mack 9:55am: Good Lord, I think we are going to have to go to war over this. This is only comparable to Pearl Harbor. Maybe worse, because it isn't a military installation. Given the source of previous attacks, I think we can guess it isn't home-grown terrorism.

Jason 9:59am: Hey for those of us with no TV, give me the summary: Two planes? People on board? Pentagon? Bush's comments?

Mack 10:01am: We have to respond to this. This is an act of war and we must respond as such. Two planes. Apparently full. One of the towers just collapsed. Pentagon has also been hit. Word is there is gunfire on the mall.

Scott 11:40am: Mack‚s right about this being worse than Pearl Harbor. Jason - I have not seen the TV but the run-down so far is two planes into the world trade centers. After these crashes, the buildings (both of them) were apparently imploded. The World Trade Centers are gone, rubble. A plane crashed outside the Pentagon. A bomb or a fire has occurred at the Capitol Building. A car bomb blew up outside the State Department in DC. One plane crashed in or around Camp David. Another plane crashed into the mountains in Somerset Country PA – there’s nothing there except it’s close to the Pittsburgh airport. These were all commercial airliners that had passengers that were hijacked. Also, I hear that there are still some planes in the air that are unaccounted for.
The World Trade Center was terrible. It was orchestrated. A smaller plane crashed into one of the buildings. Followed by a larger jetliner about 10 minutes later. The first plane was obviously used as bait for news cameras so that the bigger crash could be recorded for all Americans to see.
They’re not only attacking us, they’re rubbing it in our faces. They’re not hitting military sites - they are killing office workers, firemen and ambulance personnel.
Of course, gov’t buildings are being evacuated nationwide and bridges in many major cities are being shut down.
We need to assess/identify and strike back with no holding back. The rest of the world can kiss our ass. This is the WORST act of terrorism worldwide - nothing compares to these spectacular sites we’re seeing in pictures.

Jason 12:58pm: Are there five planes down?

Tom 1:40pm: This act of war deserves a response that should possibly include the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

Tom 7:04pm: We must remember who are friends are and who are enemies are. Clearly the PLO is an enemy. Add Egypt to the list. Sick bastards.

Wednesday, September 12 2:50 AM SGT
"Bullseye," say Egyptians as they celebrate anti-US attacks
CAIRO, Sept 11 (AFP) -

Egyptian students, taxi drivers and shopkeepers crowded round television sets stacked up in electrical store windows in downtown Cairo Tuesday evening, celebrating a string of elaborate attacks on New York and Washington.
"Bullseye," commented two taxi drivers as they watched footage of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York shrouded in plumes of smoke after two presumably hijacked planes slammed into them earlier in the day.
Another Egyptian man, Gawish Abdel Karim, told AFP he was pleased with the wave of violence in which another plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, the heart of the US defence establishment.
"Nice work," said Abdel Karim, who drives a car for an Asian embassy.
"The Americans have forgotten that God exists. They have us by the throat and now they find themselves in a science fiction film scenario, but this time Rambo's not there to save the White House."
Anti-US sentiment has mushroomed on the streets of Egypt and other Arab countries over its widely-perceived support for Israel over the Palestinians in the past 11 months of violence in the Middle East.
As with other US facilities around the world, workers at US government offices and Egyptian citizens were taking security precautions, with only "non-essential" operations set to be covered on Wednesday.
However, US officials said there had been no credible or specific threat against US citizens or interests here.
Abdel Karim hailed the attacks as "the best thing that's happened since the October War," referring to the October 1973 Arab-Israeli war when Egyptian forces made a surprise attack on the Israeli army across the Suez Canal.
"Mabruk! Mabruk! (congratulations)", shouted a crowd of people huddled round the shop window.
Egypt, considered one of the "moderate" countries in the Middle East, is one of the United States' strongest allies in the region, being the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979.
But people on the streets do not necessarily see themselves as US allies.
"The Americans are cowards. They use other countries to hit us. They don't have the courage to meet us face to face," said Khalil Matar, 43, who works in a state-run soap factory. "The myth of the indestructible United States has gone up in smoke."
Polytechnic student Amira Ryad also vented her anger.
"We saw the tower crash down," she said, referring to one of the two towers of the World Trade Center, both of which were razed by the attack.
"I only wish (US President) George Bush and his dear little baby (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon had been buried in there too," she added.
Fellow student Murad went as far as speculating that the United States was behind the attacks, "to find an excuse for the National Missile Defence system" that Bush wants to deploy to protect the United States from so-called rogue states, despite widespread global opposition.
"Those people are capable of killing their own people to prove they're right," he said.
Egyptian President Hosni "Mubarak should know that the people can no longer be humiliated, but of course he'll never declare war" on Israel, the student said.
Another taxi driver said he was going to make special prayers to thank him for the attacks against the US.

Tom 9:40pm: I thought that the President was very, very weak tonight. We needed a strong leader tonight, instead we got a "compassionate conservative". Were was the "day that will live in infamy speech"? Where was Reagan's Challenger speech? I wanted to see a President who was hurt, but strong and mad as hell. A very disappointing night from my perspective. And what was that bullshit about "law enforcement"? This isn't about law enforcement, it's about war. Law enforcement shouldn't be dealing with this, the United States military should. No more diplomacy. No more trials. It's time to open a can of red, white and blue whoop-ass. [N.B. Tom thought the President's subsequent speeches were inspiring and dead-on. It was the first one that night that he was criticizing. Although given the hectic events of the day one can understand...]

September 12
Mack 8:06am: That would certainly get their attention. Personally, I prefer the strategy of not only attacking these training camps with missiles, but sending in ground troops to round up/kill every terrorist on their way out. No bombed out asprin factories here. Big time operation.
Also, what is all this crap about needing the moderate Arab nation's support. The reality is, there are terrorists hiding in/training in all the Arab countries. We need to attack and kill them all. Anything less is a partial response and we shouldn't go to war with one hand behind our back. If the "moderate" Arab countries don't like us attacking terrorists on their soil, I say tell them what Baker told Jordan in the Gulf War... something to the effect that if you put your planes in the air you won't have an air force in the morning.
Definition of extreme Arab nation: tells us they hate us that we are the devils. "Moderate” Arab nation: believes we are devils and they hate us but won't tell us to our face.
The fact is, the Arab nations have been waging war against us for two decades. How many airplanes have been destroyed? How many bombings? How many hijackings and murders? If we don't have this war now, this will happen again.
Some people will be afraid that we will create new enemies - the sons and nephews of the people who die in this war. The reality is, they already hate us. We are already their enemies and they are socialized to hate us. That is OK. Let them hate us. But let them fear us even more.

Scott 8:56am: I agree that a strong military response is need sooner rather than later. And by strong, I mean the likes of which we have not yet but are very capable of delivering. We should unleash the fury of hell on the radical states; destroy any and all camps. I disagree with lumping in the moderate Arab states with the radical ones. If for nothing else, they have the oil. And we do benefit from our relationships with the moderate governments: landing strips, ports and some intelligence (probably not much but that is all we have there). As far as Bush goes, we all knew he wasn’t very good at speeches. So let’s focus on what went right. He landed at the White House and spoke from the White House. That’s a big deal and a moral victory (we should take anything we can get right now). It was also good that Rumsfeld held a press conference from the Pentagon. Send the message that it’s still open for business. A crushing military response (actually several of them) is what we need for the short-term. For the long-term, we as Americans will lose some of our civil liberties with searches and surveillance (which I can live with because I’m not a doper or a pedophile or terrorist). Also, we need to increase the capabilities of the intelligence community. We have much more in the way of resources than these camel jockeys do - why did we not see this coming? And if we did, why didn’t we do enough to prevent it?

Jason 10:10am: I got the following E-mail very late last night from my brother-in-law’s older brother, a good friend.

“I was in class at One Penn Plaza at 34th street on the 14th floor at 8:00am. Yes, my office was in the north tower, 1 World Trade Center, along with 1800 other tech people for Lehman, we had floors 38, 39 and 40. We have heard from almost everyone and we are all OK. The classroom I was in had large windows facing south, and we could see both towers, all but maybe 10-20 of the bottom floors. My teacher looked out the window and said there was a fire in the World Trade Center, I went to the window and I could see a gaping hole 10 stories tall, with orange flames, and I was trying to convince my fellow students that there was a giant hole in the building. I paged some friends who were in the building and they thought it was a bomb. So they went down the stairwell, which took an hour, but was orderly. Then I was looking at the towers and I saw an orange fireball, maybe 15-20 stories blast out of the Brooklyn side of the south tower, and we knew that wasn't an accident. I paced around and went back to the window, someone asked me how much time elapsed between the explosions and I said an hour, but it had only been 15 minutes! Then I saw what looked like a giant white waterfall of cement come down like a wave from the top of the south tower, and I freaked out. There were 20 people at the school and we were all so stunned we were speechless for 5 minutes, I physically couldn't say anything. I left for the ferry before the north tower fell, and I couldn't look anymore. I took the Circle Line to Lincoln Harbor, walked to Hoboken to decompress, got on a train which had a bomb scare-false alarm, got home, had a beer, went over to my boss' house and started to get a handle on the damage. My mood has swung from being grateful I wasn't there, to realizing that my time could come as a big surprise, and then I got mad when I realized, hey, these assholes tried to kill me! My guess is that as many as 5,000 to 10,000 people did not get out, each floor housed 600 people. If you were above the impact site, I don't know how you would use the stairwell. Morgan Stanley took it the hardest. Their executives had many floors in the 70-80th floor area in the north tower. As many as 3,000 could have died at impact. The city is shocked, I don't know what to say. I am sure there are many people from our neighborhood who passed away. I am going to take some time to smell the roses. Damn, I was having so much fun at work. Lehman is seriously wounded, it all depends on how bad off 3 World Financial Center is, which is across the street from the Trade Center. We might have lost 2 data centers and many trading floors, at least I don't know of any fatalities, yet.”

I thought about Paul last night. How his office didn’t exist anymore, along with the pictures I imagined he had on his desk of his wife Katie and his son Dean. I thought about how frantic Katie must have been in the moments that followed the attacks and watching the events unfold on live TV. Paul’s mother must have had a similar sinking pain when she woke up to this news in Northern California. And Paul, thank God, is fine. How many other wives and mothers had the same sinking feelings and were not so fortunate? How many still don’t know if there loved ones are dead, or worse buried alive helplessly breathing their last breaths. We live in very different world this morning than just 24 hours ago. The effects of these events will last for decades if not forever. As we all pound our fists and talk about retribution and unleashing the dogs of war, I too seethe with a desire for vengeance on those that would take so many innocent lives for sadistic purposes. I however, will not be comforted by any words spoken by our President or any other leader. No speech will sooth me. I will only be satisfied when the cancer that these cowardly thugs represent is surgically removed from the world. And even then, the world will still be a different place.

Tim 10:33am: I miss Bill - he felt my pain.

Mack 10:38 am: With all due respect in this time of national turmoil, and without destroying the unity of lefty pinkos and red meat conservatives in this time of crisis, let me say that the one thing we didn't need yesterday was Bill Clinton at the helm. Sure Bill is a good speaker, but he lacks moral authority that you need in the time off crisis. Besides being a congenital liar, I think it would be tough to keep a straight face listening to a rapist talk about moral retribution, justice and the despicable acts of cowardly men. This is all notwithstanding the fact that it was his weakness in the face of earlier acts of terrorism and his glad-handing capitulation to the murderous Arafat that helped create this problem.
Ok, that is off my chest. Back to the unity. God Bless America, Land That I Love (sing it Tim).

Tim 11:00am: In my humble opinion, no one was better at bringing the nation together in times of national crises than Bill Clinton. What we needed last night was someone who could deliver a speech like Clinton's after the Oklahoma bombing. What we did not need was some obvious moron saying absolutely nothing of any importance and not even with a convincing delivery. Bush's stupidity and poor grasp of international relations will get us into a terrible war. Clinton's response to the attacks on our embassies was swift and measured (yes he missed Bin Laden, but then again, we've been trying to kill the fucker for eight years and no one has found him yet). I'm afraid that Bush, on the other hand, will just unleash holy hell on any country he thinks is harboring Bin Laden. Not only would such a blanket response be untargeted, it would be immoral. Is our killing innocent citizens of another nation any more justified than the murders that occurred yesterday? Should we kill people just because they are Arabs? Keep in mind that the Koran preaches against violence as much as your Bible. We're dealing with religious nuts here, not entire nations of innocent God (or Allah) fearing people. You talk about Clinton's lack of morality, yet you yourselves advocate the slaughter of innocents. Let he without sin cast the first stone. Let's just hope Bush's desire for revenge (and desire not to look like the idiot he is) cloud his moral responsibilities as a human being.
By the way, I want to see Bin Laden's head as well as the heads of all his followers displayed on the fence outside the White House.

Scott 11:39am: Tim you ignorant Slut. First of all, does anyone besides Tim even remember the Clinton speech? I sure don’t, but I can at least tell you that it was during his "drawn-in-puss-sad-look-phase". Have you been on another e-mail thread, because I don’t remember reading anyone advocating killing Arabs because they are Arabs. I don’t remember anyone saying that the Judeo-Christian Bible was morally superior to the Koran. And I don’t remember Bush raping anyone. And as far as your criticism of a STRONG military response - you see how well Clinton‚s surgical strikes worked. I know you are smarter than your e-mail represents. Of course you know that Presidents do not make authoritarian decisions like Kings of the middle ages. Clinton and Bush alike drew upon the advice of military, intelligence and diplomatic experts. "Bush's stupidity and poor grasp of international relations will get us into a terrible war." This statement is way off the mark. I got news for you Tim, yesterday’s attack has already gotten us into a terrible war. If there’s fault to be found with US foreign policy, I would suggest that it dates back to before 8 months. This attack could have been years in the making. And how can you blame Bush for this? Was it Clinton’s fault that the embassies in Africa were bombed? Was it his fault that the USS Cole was bombed? Was it his fault that the federal building in Oklahoma was bombed? Have a nice day.

Jason 11:47am: George Bush is the President. It's senseless, at this point, to ponder about what Slick Willie (or even Regan) would do in response. I'm not concerned with how well Bush delivered a speech that would be of little comfort to those who lost everything yesterday anyway. Frankly, I don't want a rallying speech that would make everyone feel good for a couple of weeks and let us slide back into our comfortable cocoon until the next disaster. These bastards were supported. If not directly through funding and intelligence, than certainly through aide and protection. As stated by our President, let there be no distinction between the perpetrators of these acts and those that gave them aide and comfort. I say remove them with all due cold and calculated brutality. And FORMER president Clinton, by the way, was quoted as saying that this not the time to second guess President Bush, but to rally around him. A rare kudos to him from me.

Sip 12:20pm: Been in meetings all day - always at the times I don't want to be.
The Oklahoma bombing speech by Clinton was unmemorable. I don't remember it, and I believe most Americans don't look back on it fondly. Compare that to Reagan's speeches at the Berlin Wall, 40th Anniversary of D-day, and after the Challenger disaster. Ronald Reagan - bar none - was the best at bringing the nation together, and Clinton knew it. Remember, Clinton used to study Reagan speeches.....
Yes, Clinton's response was measured....that's the point. We don't need a proportional response - we need a disproportional response against those responsible. I'm not talking about randomly killing innocents - I'm talking about surgical disproportionate strikes - where all persons and anything in those areas will meet a violent ending. We don't need to wipe out an entire country if we can locate the areas of those responsible and wipe that out. Sure, innocents will be killed...but the countries that train and harbor these terrorists haven't seemed to care about innocent people. Nobody wants to kill innocents, however, sometimes it saves lives in the end. Although many innocent people died during the two atom bomb drops in Japan, I'm proud we dropped them. The lives lost pale in comparison to the number of people who would have been killed if the allied forces had an all-out occupation war in the Pacific and on the Japan Island. Those bomb drops bought the US many years of freedom. But the rules of the game has changed. Now we're going after sick, crazy religious fanatics. There will be collateral damage - we can't feel too bad about it.

Tim 12:23pm: I am not criticizing anything Bush has done so far (except for maybe a weak speech). And I do believe that our military response must be strong. If Bin Laden is in Afghanistan, then destroy not only all training camps in the country, but all military installations and military-related government buildings as well. I'm just worried that our long history of blowing up lots of brown people will rear its ugly head once again. I wholeheartedly agree with my pal Bill that we must stand by our current president and not second-guess his actions. I just hope that those who are standing closer to him than we are talking sense. And sorry about making it sound like you guys are a bunch of religious supremacists and racist pigs. I just had to write an e-mail from our president urging tolerance on our campus after a student at a neighboring community college was beaten up yesterday for being an Arab. I'm a little sensitive right now, as I'm sure we all are.

Mack 12:25pm: I always wonder, what would Don Regan do in a situation like this?

Tim 12:25pm: This is exactly what I'm worried about. Atom bombs, Sip? Have you lost your mind?

Jason 12:31pm: Actually, I meant Linda Blairs's character in the Exorcist.

Mack 12:33pm: The reality is we are in a war. There will be innocent people who lose their lives - of course, we won't be aiming for them or intending to inflict harm on them. The pro-Palestinian, anti-military, blame America first wing in the Democratic party may have been outside on the Capitol Steps preaching unity. But as you can see from Tim's e-mail, they don't have the stomach to actually follow through on the idea of war. Remember, the liberals idea of a "war" is to hand out government welfare checks to fight poverty or send the marines in to hand out box lunches to migrants. During our bombing raids on Iraq back in 1998, the liberal left at my former church spent many hours preaching about how wrong US policies were and encouraging people to attend rallies protesting US action. They were shouting "No Attack! On Iraq!” over and over again in the church. That is why it is my former church. These people will not be on our side because they will never put the interests of the US ahead of their vision of a world government/socialist utopia. I don't think Tim is quite as extreme as they are and I do believe you are a good American Tim, but you have clearly been so indoctrinated with the rhetoric of the left that you reflexively oppose the one sensible course of action in a case like this: all out war (not the limited engagement stuff that has gotten us into trouble time and time again).
To everything there is a season. A time for love; a time for hate. A time for peace; a time for war. Etc... Take a guess which season began yesterday.
By the way, the leadership of my former church was defrocked by the Bishop for allowing women to say mass and for performing gay marriages.

Mack 12:34pm: That was a cheap shot at an obvious spelling error. Sorry, but I can't help but think Don Regan whenever I see that mistake.

Sip 12:36pm: No, I haven't lost my mind. I'm not advocating dropping atom bombs anywhere....just pointing out that collateral damage (innocents) will occur, and while it should be considered, eliminating the objective should get the most attention. We can do this in this day and time with surgical precision. While innocent people may be killed, it may save more lives in the end. I used the two atom bomb drops as an e-x-a-m-p-l-e of when innocent people get killed, but where it is generally accepted that more lives were saved. As I've learned, it's generally accepted that more people would have been killed in the war if it kept going on - than were killed with the two atom bombs. As I said, an example.

Tom 12:40pm: We don't use atomic bombs anymore, we now have thermonuclear ones. They're much better. A tactical nuclear strike should not be ruled out at this point. I'm not saying definitely drop a bomb (we wouldn't use a strategic one like Hiroshima, but rather a much smaller, cleaner one). If the decision to use one is made (and I don't think it will), the country should be prepared for a continued vigilance against these thugs. Remember, they declared war on us.
Tim, please educate me on the long history we have of blowing up brown people....

Tim 12:53pm: I agree we are now at war with terrorism. Unless I missed something, however, we are not at war with another country (yet). Comparisons to the war with Iraq don't make sense here (except that they're also Muslim – is that what you mean? Are we at war with the Muslim countries?) Let's make sure we are on the same page here. When Congress declares war, as is their right, who will we be at war with? We're looking to exact justice and revenge on those who caused us harm and the nations that harbor them. I'm all for that, and I understand that collateral damage is bound to occur (especially with Sip's atom bomb). I just don't want blood thirst to get in the way of reason.
By the way, if two people love each other, why shouldn't they get married?

Scott 12:59pm: What's up with the phantom linking that you're trying to pull? Sip never said to use "atom" bombs. There is NO history of blowing up brown people. Now we're at war with all Muslims??? I'll ask again, are you on another e-mail thread that the rest of us aren't?

Mack 1:09pm: I agree we shouldn't attack countries just because they are "Muslim". If those countries happen to be the countries that harbor terrorists, they have two choices: round up the terrorists and send them here for justice or stand by and watch while the US military wipes them off the face of the planet. The first way would dramatically limit the number of civilian casualties...but I don't think it is very likely that any of the nations harboring terrorists will actually follow through on it. Unleash the dogs of war.
By the way, I don't necessarily care one way about woman priests or gay marriage. However, if you want to be a part of the Catholic church, those things aren't currently part of the rulebook. If you want to do that, become an Episcopalian or some other phony-baloney heretical religion, go right ahead. Unless the Catholic church changes things (by God's order, I guess), you have to live by the rules of the church (very Burkean, eh?). In the meantime, it is like being an NFL referee and ignoring the rules that exist. You may think that field goals should be worth 4 points, but you don't get to make the rules.
This is meant in good humor of course, but it is also a discussion for another time. That is not to say that the Catholic Church is doing everything right. I would rather see the Bishop kick them out for being treasonous and cowardly than for marrying two nancy boys who are too lazy to drive to Vermont. Unfortunately, the policy of the church is if you hate your country, we look the other way. Allow a woman to touch the host - Holy crap - you are out of the church.

Tim 1:25pm: Are we looking for Justice or Revenge? If as Mack said, the host countries round up those responsible and hand them over to us for "justice" will we really be happy? What happens if we have a long, expensive trial with the same caliber of jury that let OJ off and the perpetrators get off? Are we willing to take that risk. Do we trust the American justice system that much? I think what most people really want is revenge. They don't care if these bastards ever see a courtroom. If that means killing innocent people, so be it. I want revenge too, but at what cost?

Mack 3:18pm: Absolutely right. That is very important. Organized terrorism is not a "crime". It is an act of war. Killing civilians in wartime is certainly a hangable offense.
By the way, for those of us (Tim) who think that we should try to avoid a war and that Bush is going to act rashly and push us into a huge, terrible conflict, I can't help but wonder that if this atrocity against US civilians on US soil doesn't justify an all out war, what in God's name does? This is exactly the type of action that calls for a huge, terrible conflict. Otherwise, we will face huge, terrible disasters like this again and again. Their success here (and with the Cole before it) only makes it more likely that they will do this again, and again and again if we don't eradicate the terrorists and those who aid and harbor them. If you don't think it justifies the human cost, think about whether or not you will feel safe bringing your kids to the Empire State Building, or the rebuilt World Trade Center, or the Smithsonian. It is them or us. Their way of life - oppressive governments, no freedom, the slaughter of innocents – versus ours.
By the way, I am all for free trade and lots and lots of immigration. But we need to secure our borders. Both our Mexico and Canada borders need to be defended (these guys came in at Maine).

Jason 3:40pm: "Both our Mexico and Canada borders need to be defended (these guys came in at Maine)." They got by Fort Mead?

Tom 3:48pm: Yes, I was asleep at the wheel. I was too busy re-counting my tax refund, which I received in nickels and dimes.

Mack 4:00pm: Unfortunately, most of you New Englanders have disarmed yourself. So they had nothing to fear.

Mack 4:00pm: Don't worry Tim. They won't be tried by Democrats. They will be tried for war crimes. Remember, Bin Laden has already declared "war" on us. The idiots in NYC who didn't give the earlier bombers death should hang their heads in shame. I have a feeling I know who they voted for (or tried to vote for but botched their ballots).
By the way, revenge is fine with me. Doesn't justice carry a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. Also a blindfold. I say drop the scale and make it some good old blind revenge.

September 13
Scott 7:15am: I have truly felt the roller coaster of emotion these past 48 hours. After seeing these images I am still brought to the brink of tears for the victims, their families and for my country. I'm going to be 34 years old in a couple of weeks and I'm so used to being angry about politics and sports and outrageousness in our society. I'm not used to coming to tears. It's been close about 10 times now. I tell myself that I have to be strong (especially for the pregnant, overly-emotional wife). But godammit, I'm so mad and feel so helpless it's driving me crazy. I know that the US will recover from this. And I know that we will retaliate against those responsible and their allies. But right now, the country is just in a state of shock, as am I. May God bless America and all of us!

Jason 2:08pm: I certainly have been angry since Tuesday morning. Angry, stunned, saddened, horrified. But they've all been very general, surreal emotions, aimed at no one, other than the faceless evil bastards who did this and those who support them. We're all just going about our business, we have to. But while picking up my take-out lunch this afternoon I overheard a conversation, between what I assume was two Yale Grad students, that had me shaking with anger. The one girl was explaining to the other about how "Americans didn’t understand the world, and it is only because this had never happened on American soil before that the volume of outrage was so high." She further explained that "it just wasn’t as simple as Bush wants it to be, to strike out with vengeance against those perceived to be responsible." The last thing that I allowed her to say before I turned and start berating a total stranger in public for maybe the first time in my life was that "an escalation of violence was not what was called for," she said, "this is a time for America to step back and say what is it about us that would make these people want to do that to us." The only thing that kept at least my tone civil was that it wasn’t the fault of the guy who owns the restaurant that this thoughtless callous bitch happened to like good Japanese food. The apologists never have a place after these types of events, but certainly not while they’re still pulling bodies out of the wreckage.

Sip 2:19pm: Super busy - - can't respond in length.......but Good Job!

Scott 3:08pm: I can at least understand ignorant idealists (sorry for the redundant) who are common Americans expressing their opinions no matter how warped they perceive the situation. My major problem today is some of the talking heads and columnists being critical of Bush’s route from Florida to DC. It has been suggested (in the Post by Broder) that the president appeared weak-kneed and hesitant to return to Washington in the aftermath of the attack. What a crock of shit! How dare these gutless, intellectual midgets in expensive suits criticize the movements of Air Force One during a terrorist strike. How do these jack-asses sleep at night? On another note, yesterday, Ari Fleischer said that there was credible evidence that Air Force One was a target. This morning, I heard on the radio that they received this threat in the Secret Service’s own code. The terrorists cracked the presidential protection detail code and used it to send a threat about AF1. Can anyone tell me if this morning’s latest report is true?

September 14

Sip 8:30am: I have very little info, but my cousin, MS (from Kenmore, NY), works for Morgan Stanley in the WTC. He was in the building when it got hit, and called his father. He was not heard from after the buildings collapsed, and we all feared that he was gone. Last night his family found out that he is OK. It turns out that he did get out of the building and, after witnessing all the decay, people falling to their deaths, and the buildings coming down, he walked 50 blocks to his place. He was so shell-shocked that he's been in his room ever since and couldn't contact anyone...won't come to the phone, etc. Can you imagine that - - being so affected that you can't contact your folks or answer the phone? Pretty powerful stuff.
Also, for you Buffalo guys, my parents ran into VR mother. V worked in the WTC for an investment bank for the last several years. He lost his job two weeks ago in a layoff. A blessing in disguise.


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