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Thursday, September 11, 2003
Tom (and VDH)...

Tom, I whole-heartedly agree that "this election is about our security," and that "George Bush has earned my vote and support for his prosecution of this war alone." Quite right. As Victor Davis Hanson points out again today on NRO, "in just 24 months we have liberated 50 million people, destroyed the odious Taliban and Saddam Hussein, and routed 60% of the al Qaeda leadership — all at the cost of less than 300 American dead."

But let me also say, that I give the President a passing grade on the post-September 11th economy as well. Yes, spending is way higher than it should be, and unfortunately job growth continues to lag the overall recovery. However, the country was already mired in a pretty deep recession prior to September 11th (one that started well before the President took office), and the quarter in which September 11th occured was the last quarter of that recession. The US economy has expanded in every quarter since. That is simply remarkable. Think about that as you listen to the Democrits harp about the President's "tax breaks for the wealthy." Two tax cuts, an expanding economy, a stock market rebound, a total lack of inflation, and nearly the highest level of productivity growth in history. All this while fighting (at least) two major battles in the war on terrorrism and shoring up the home front as well. Maybe not an A+, but higher than some of his grades at Yale I imagine.

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