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Thursday, September 11, 2003
Two Years Later

I can't believe it's been two years, but then again, if you listen to the Democrats debate you wouldn't know we were ever attacked.

We are most certainly at war, but unlike most other wars in modern American history, most fronts are fought quietly, under the cover of darkness and out of the spotlight. Instead of tank columns, carrier groups and beachfront assaults, we have a mixture of special forces work, intelligence operations and law enforcement.

With the exception of the Iraq front in the war, there are no daily reminders of what the President and thousands of brave Americans are doing everyday to secure our freedom. There are no MovieTone news reels or screaming headlines about D-Day. Victories in the past could be measured by land captured and concretely evaluated by the public. Today we get rumors about plots foiled and evil people "arrested."

This is such a different kind of war and given the circumstances I think the President has handled it about as well as could be done. That John Kerry, Howard Dean, and many of their fellow DC Democrats think there was a rush to war is a telling statement about how their once proud party has been hijacked by appeasers and, let's be blunt, socialists.

During the Cold War, Americans elected Presidents they trusted to protect us from the Soviet Union. There was an ever-present feeling that we were on the brink and God only knew if any of us would survive. We elected Eisenhower because he was an American hero who knew how to win a war. We elected John Kennedy and he stood up to the Soviets. After a failed Johnson Administration we elected Nixon who promised to end Johnson's war in Vietnam. We almost elected Gerry Ford after the greatest political scandal and crisis in American history. And after the disaster that was the Carter Administration we elected Ronald Reagan twice and then swept Geo. H.W. Bush into office.

Once Reagan and 41 ended the Cold War though, people thought it was safe to elect Bill Clinton. And Al Gore almost followed him.

I don't think it is too much to thank God that 43 was inaugurated just 8 months prior to 9-11. To thank Him that Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and Don Rumsfeld were on the job that morning two years ago.

But now that the Iraq campaign is over in terms of major combat and the capturing of land, will the American people be lulled into a false sense of security by the Democrats siren song of peace through appeasement?

The nation is not at peace. Our security is not guaranteed. The 2004 election must be, like almost every election from 1952 - 1992 about who will keep us free and protect us from those who would seek our death and destruction.

George Bush believes in Peace through Strength. George Bush has earned my vote and support for his prosecution of this war alone.

Spending is out of control, yes. Government is growing, yes. But you what? I don't care right now. Spending would increase faster under the Democrats and government would grow and grow and grow. I would love less spending and for the Administration to adopt every policy of The Heritage Foundation.

But this election is about our security. And the person I trust to get the job done is the guy who's already got the job.

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