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Thursday, October 02, 2003
OK. I have avoided posting on the California debacle. But is anyone else secretly enjoying the fact that Maria Shriver is forced to watch her husband run through the all too typical Democratic guantlet? Beyond that, there is the added enjoyment from watching Democrats say that "groping" makes someone unqualified for office. Hey! I thought it was just sex! Seriously, like Clinton, this guy sounds like a "Predator". Sorry for the pun. It is just wonderful to see the same people who completely looked the other way when Clinton grabbed Kathleen Willy's breast and forced her hand onto his crotch in the oval office.

This type of behavior does concern me. I don't know all the details about where, what, when, but I would vote for McClintock. That, of course, is what the Democrats are counting on, which is why they use this sort of smear tactic a week out from the election.

It does disturb me, though not surprise me, that the LA TImes and now ABC news have fallen over themselves to become active participants in the Democrats efforts to prop up Davis' failed governorship.

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