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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Energy & Gambling


Thanks for some refreshing material. Since the storms in the DC area this year I have been left wondering what is wrong with the energy picture in this country. Let’s have some more postings on how to address the supply problem for the US. I look forward to seeing more from you because your are our resident energy expert.

I heard about the windmill battle in Cape Cod. Yet another story deserving of mainstream news coverage that we won’t see on the major networks. Frustrating!

As for gambling: Is the act of gambling or pornography “morally wronger” if the government runs it or if it is private industry? The fact that taxpayers do not profit from the private industry side of these industries does not make any them morally clean.

Of course judging from the last names of the two posters most interested in the gambling debate, one is left to wonder if our immigration policies toward Southern Europeans have failed.

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