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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
OK - - but has there ever been a more un-necessary step than the decision by the FAA to place a flying ban on the "vigilante" who planted box cutters on several airplanes to test security? Think about it. What kind of search do you think this guy is going to be put through any time he flies for the rest of his life? "Thanks for flying today sir, can you please drop your pants for the body cavity search."

On whether he is a hero or a villain, I say neither. He is an idiot. Unfortunately, you have to prosecute the guy. Otherwise, anyone who wants to sneak a box cutter onto a plane to do bad things will be given the green light, so long as they make it seem as though they were "testing" the system. We have - or should have - people who test the system like this on a regular basis. The difference is, it doesn't provide our enemies with information and it doesn't cost millions of dollars to stop and search every single plane in the United States when they do it. I think he has to serve some small amount of time -- not fifty years, not hard time, but something to make it clear this can't be done.

As for what this says about airport security, it says what we already know: if someone wants to get something small like a box-cutter onto a plane bad enough, and is willing to risk imprisonment, they will figure out how to do it. The difference between then and now is that the passengers will not be passive... the cockpit doors are very difficult to crack into, and the pilots in the cockpit will not give up without a fight (and they have an ax and, quite possibly, a gun to put up a good fight).

If I were the terrorists, I would be trying to get people on the inside - - stewardesses, pilots, etc... who would have access to the cockpit. Of course, our security checks will be very lax and political correctness will ensure that we overlook the threat until it is too late. We are always fighting the last battle, but at least we have put ourselves in a better position to win the next September 11 style attempt. It is what they will do differently that we should be worried about.

By the way, baseball sucks. The games are on way too late. It is a huge mistake and it is going to hurt baseball in the long run because most people aren't going to let their kids stay up to watch the game. The result, millions of kids who would have remembered the final home run in the Sox-Yankees series for the rest of their lives (for good or for ill) had to watch it on sports center the next day. Not the same. Short term profits at the expense of the long term good of the game. Predictable, I guess, but baseball is about more than just profits - - right? (Ok, that last sentence is just in there to get things going.)

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