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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Gambling and Sanctimonious Posturing

Why again is gambling immoral? I’ll wholeheartedly agree that it can be immoral, buy why is it necessarily immoral? And then walk on down the line for me will you:

The Pats play the Bills and we put a dollar on the outcome, is that immoral? How about a round of drinks on the outcome (or lunch if alcohol is also immoral)?

How about a game of one on one basketball or a round of golf between us, same dollar? Same drinks/lunch? How about loser has to carry the winner's clubs back to the car? Still immoral?

How about the “contest” in which we’re all picking electoral votes, or Supreme Court rulings, or football games, and the losers buy the winner drinks, or pizza or whatever? Still immoral?

You and wife (or partner for you Greek posters) guess the answer to final jeopardy and the loser has to do the dishes?

Your office NCAA tournament pool?

Your church bingo?

Like I said, clearly gambling – like many other things – can be immoral, but is it necessarily immoral?

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