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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Immorality and Gambling

1. Not sure how opposing gambling makes me a leftist, but whatever.
2. The spread of Casino gambling, slot machines and lotteries across the country, aided and encouraged by politicians looking to expand government for their own benefit, is extraordinarily bad. Much better to have left it isolated in a few places - - kind of like strip bars in Canada - - great to have access to them for a bachelor party, not so good to have them on every block.
3. We have to have a higher standard for government. Things that are appropriate for private entities to do - - sell tobacco, porn, or alcohol - - become much more problematic when the government is involved. Think about how you would react if/when your local school district started selling condoms. Some things aren't necessarily immoral, but they are morally questionable and inappropriate for the government.
4. The gambling industry (and government's participation in the spread of it) is involved in an immoral enterprise.

Betting with one another on dinner or drinks isn't a problem. Neither is betting how many pounds of body hair poor Tracy has to take out of Mr. S's bathtub drain every morning. Although that is problematic on another level.

Simple contests aren't immoral. I think that the gambling industry -- and the state lottery racket -- is immoral by virtue of their disastrous impact on tens of thousands of people. Don't even get me started on kite flying.

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