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Monday, October 20, 2003
Lighten up Francis!

To SCG and faithful readers,

CEO salaries as an issue is BORING.

I happened to breeze through the Wash Post yesterday and found an op-ed by a former Gore advisor talking about how Condi Rice and the Bush team were fumbling foreign policy. I can’t stand arm-chair quarterbacking (you know, except for us).

Besides FNC, when will we ever see a major news medium document the successes of this foreign policy? Nearly 90% of the catastrophic failures predicted by experts didn’t happen (genocide, starvation, doubling/tripling of oil price, protracted war, etc.). Prior to the war, my personal favorite was Nancy Pelosi stating in the same interview that 1. There were no WMD. And 2. That our troops would suffer an attack of WMD. That’s great stuff!

As Mack pointed out in the comparisons to WWII we are way ahead of the game in Iraq. The left is pissed because they were wrong on Iraq. Now they will do everything in their power to criticize a successful foreign policy.


P.S. – New England is the team to beat in the NFL going down the stretch.

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