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Monday, October 06, 2003
MilitaryMark does not like our photos…

He may agree with many of our posts and opinions, but MilitaryMarkdoes not care for our photo selections. To review, the photo of the six conservative guys caused Mark to comment on our respective “36 and 38 inch waists,” saying that “it looked like we could all wear each others clothes.” He also said we looked like “six liberal journalists.”

He then questioned our motivations, rationale and wartime etiquette for posting the picture of the World Trade Center jumpers on September 11th.

And he certainly doesn’t care for our last effort, writing the following in response to Tom:

”Oh Tom how clever, I thought it was a picture of the Pope giving the host to the cast of The Deer Hunter between shoots. Why not include Thatcher and the Gipper? Well there not the leaders of the Catholic church, they are not Catholics, and the only reason his picture is even there in the first place is because its starting to look like he's going to die.

I would like to encourage the SCG and all their readers to take time out and say a thoughtful prayer for Roy Horn, the 35 years vet of animal magic and illusions. I thought it might be in good taste to put up a picture of Sigfried and Roy, perhaps something with Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, and Andrea Cole. Keep him in your prayers, as he is truly a part of the trinity of Magic.”

Ouch. Mark, perhaps you chould send us a few acceptable photos (I'll turn off my porn filiter).

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