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Thursday, October 30, 2003
MilitaryMark fesses up…

”I deserve public admonishment. I bought a German car. I will not reveal its make or model at this time other then to say I have betrayed my country for quality and one hell of a good deal. I have attended schools where they have doused us in ice water and had females (behind closures) make fun of the size of our genitals, I have conducted 17 drug operations, only four of which I can speak of, I have attended ranger school, halo school, path finder school, am a jump master, special forces qualified, Marine and army sniper school, I have been a fast rope instructor, and operator controller at the Joint readiness training center as well as the opposition force there, I have a rack like jack nick in a few good men, but after all the country let me do, after all the money they spent on me, I bought a German automobile. I must admit its sweet. I have to go flog my self and then lie down in kosher salt. If you ban me from the site I will not protest, I deserve all the pain and insults you can give me. I am sorry. Formerly MilitaryMark, now Kraut.”

Word on the street is it’s a yellow Cabriolet formerly owned by the Olsen twins.

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