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Friday, October 24, 2003
MilitaryMark responds:

This is going to go a bit long, but I was asked to give reasons to nuke them, so here we go.

Osama Bin Laden is hiding there.

Islamic fundamentalism is at an all time high. There is a great distrust and dislike for the USA and it has translated into support for the Taliban. School children learn to hate America and at an early age, and here is a quote from a child (nightline): “America is cruel to our brothers in Afghanistan and they are cruel to our brothers in Iraq".

Over 2/3 of the country lives below the poverty line, making them easy prey for fundamentalists. Hell if I were stone broke I might fight for any cause, at least I know I'd get a meal. Oh yeah, have you ever met a rich Pentecostal?

They have Nukes with a range of 2000 miles, that our boys and girls in Iraq, and Europe, well parts any way, oh yeah, Africa too, but I'm not sure they would notice.

Unnamed senior Bush administrator agrees that Pakistan is the most dangerous country on earth.

Why are they dangerous? They have more terrorism then Israel and Palestine combined. They blew up our consulate in Karachi, they blew up a busload of French aid workers, they blew up a Christian church (that’s enough for me right there),the armed forces are the most powerful institution in the country, and they control the nukes.

Pervez Hoodbhoy of Quaid e Azium University (probably dead now) says that the military is anti-west, anti-secular, and that there is great hostility toward the western world in the armed forces.

The President of Pakistan, Pervz Musharaf said on many occasions that if war with India begins he will not hesitate to use his nukes. He’s also in the military by the way, even wears the uniform, must be a Castro fan.

Professor Hoobhoy also notes that the rich get away with anything they want, including murdering those who oppose them, and these are the ones making decisions for this nation.

Malana Abdul Bari, a very powerful cleric and leader of the Muslim Coalition, claims that his and other similar parties have become so powerful because of the disrespect the evil US has for the world. He goes on to say that he wishes their missiles could reach our territory. It would stop them (us) from our mission of dominating all Muslim countries. What better way could there be to stop them (my sentiments exactly, except I'm going for you Malana).

Oqwais Ghani, the Governor of the Belwchristan, says they produce over 40,00 tons of heroin a year. I wonder where the profits go.

I could type all night on this one, but I’ll close with this.

The Mullara, a very large school for high school age boys, said at its graduation ceremony that America has stopped worshiping God and started worshipping George Bush, and that the Jews and the Christians are your enemies and that this is the order of god.

I'm thinking about 6 or 7 20-megatons would do the trick. Or we could send some new privates in to get shot by people.

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