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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
MilitaryMark Thinking of a Caddy....or a 'Vette (not Chevette!)

I only buy cars (although some are made overseas, or at least over Texas). My Buick is coming to an end, 212657 miles, still rides like a Lincoln, but the engine is becoming more expensive then the blue book value. My jeep will be with me for many more years, but I have decide to buy a new car (maybe semi new). I can think of only one more car more American then the Corvette. The Cadillac. That’s what I'm seriously thinking about moving into; plus I’ll get better parking on federal hill.

I ask for you opinions, but I ask for them quick, as the deal is in the works.
Deville MARK

Mark - I'm a little too practical at times...but I say go for the Caddy. I've driven the vette a few times, it's definitely fun and holds its value well, but you have a wife & son who needs to fit in too....

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